the cycle of tears (moon)

by uncertain

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elegy - the fox of tattered cloth - is the last of her family
in the sea of starres she immerses herself in a transcendental state
where her body withers yet her ghost shall rise rise rise


released September 23, 2014

Florian-Ayala Fauna - Aleph descending
Felix Keigh - Gimel ascending
Elegy - Beth triumphant



all rights reserved


uncertain Buffalo, New York


uncertain is a music project started by artist, composer, poet, occultist, and androgyne Florian-Ayala Fauna in the WinterSolstice of 2007.

She is accompanied in most recordings by her husband Felix Keigh (Frater .'. Shu'al) on vocals. Other guest members are involved primarily live.

We are represented by Wraith Productions.
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Track Name: A ‡ Ω (alpha & omega)
I ascend, I arise
From the sea, within me
From over the water
Before thine eyes

From beyond tears
From beyond fears
I ascend over the water
to be with her

Archangel over me
Weep not for me,
tears of past ascend
and no longer I descend

I am with the sea
I let it take me
I let it take me
Follow me to the sea...
Track Name: the starlit mire (nuit)
I cannot see you
so far from the sky
naked like a worm
I cling to the earth
clad in my thin skin

I cannot hear you
so far from the birds
I am buried underground
as a serpent
I cling to the roots
cloaked in soft leaves

I cannot feel you
so far from the wind
I lie instead with father
of the earth
covered in my fine furs
in the rabbit's den
Track Name: the vision of sorrow
What sorrow is this?
Blood chalice, scarlet
My cup runneth over,
In red seas,
Jackals gnawing on seahorses
Their skeletons too far below
Buried under blackness
I see too the flaming sky
Final trumpet blows
For you and I
I am surrounded by a halo
Mother’s womb swallows
We are the dust of insects and stars
Track Name: within the great depths (elegy lost)
O’ Great Depths, O' Starres!
How long until your grace?
The Priestess watches with a veil of lace
Must the lion lay with the lamb of scars?

O’ distant Night Sky
With the vast Sea mirroring you
To Rise and Fall, into your eternity for I
The sublime light of the darkest blue.

Archangels I follow thee
Through this treacherous path
The Starres have laid out for me
O’ protect me from Blackened Wrath
Track Name: the fragile ones (part one - sanctuary of night)
I am the wounded healer
But as I watch her,
I am only the wounded.
She has no mother,
She has no father or brother.
Her body is slowly disintegrating,
As this make-shift hospital
Held in a Church for the suffering
Falls and rots
Like the body
Like your loved ones
Like all of your Angels and Demons
But she is ascending
I know this in the labyrinth of my heart
Too tired of this world myself
The child slowly dies
The child slowly dies
As the world is a wound in Christ
We are dust
We are stars
We are Lazarus
We are moths and serpents
Fractal and everlasting
Track Name: the fragile ones (part two - disintegration)
Blackness devours us all,
I am falling with a fragile body...
Endless chasm for all of us to fall,
Will you come with me?
I don’t have very much time left.

O’ Most High, O’ Most Noblest One!
Take me, take me with you!
I am slowly becoming undone
Roots grow weak for me
And my time is due

Mother, mother are you there?
Why thy sacrifice?
The moon so far here,
Why my sacrifice?
Moths as blood take flight.

What will become of me?
Please help, Lord, please help
The tide is pulling in thee
Water takes me as I whelp
Long tears, finally with the sea

Take me, O’ dearest one,
Archangels have mercy, please
My time here is done.
All the world in sight flees
What will become of me?

I see a Sea Priestess,
Offering her hand.
I have had enough to witness
I ascend from this land,
Rising as moon moths in the æther.
Track Name: the fragile ones (part three - reunited)
Reunited at long last,
Elegy at one, within the æther.
Freed from tattered cloth,
No longer is your sorrowful past.
Archangel of all moons of the moth.

I saw you arise triumphant,
Away from this burning world.
From within the blackened hospital,
When you made your sacred covenant,
To forever be at peace with all.

You left behind a light, a halo,
Of flower petals, dust, and twine
More beautiful at night, with the moon
Under which to drink from a chalice of wine,
We pray for your promised return.

Forever remembered, O’ Holy Child,
Your pain, your sacrifice, your suffering -
All that you did without eyes’ sight,
For this world forever defiled.
That was undeserving of your light.

Adrift within the sea of grace,
Sacred seahorses swell around you,
Almighty and understanding,
Preparing us for all that we may face.
Now amongst the starres for us, beckoning.

Elegy, O’ Fox of Tattered Cloth
The last of your family to Fall
Rising like tides at the Full Moon.
Forever sacred is the moth,
Transformation by night within the cocoon.

"I’ve come home..."